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Potter mujer haciendo taza

Maria Cienfuegos Pottery

Maria Cienfuegos Pottery is a handmade ceramics and homeware brand from designer Maria Cienfuegos. Each piece is unique and hand built with love and dedication in their studio in Santiago, Chile. Explore our collection of limited pieces and find beauty in every detail.

Maria Cienfuegos Pottery is a collection of hand built ceramics and homeware projects from designer Maria Cienfuegos.

Intended as a creative outlet in 2022, as she took a break from fashion.

She quickly fell in love with the meditative process of building each piece by hand, which provided a new, and welcome pace of working.

Since start hand moulding the clay them into functional shapes, it means that each piece is organic in nature, and impossible to recreate exactly. Each object is unique.

We make almost all of our pieces to order created in our studio in Santiago de Chile. 

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